Enjoy the silence

Premium Phone Booths

Calma, one of the best acoustic pods in the world, offers alternative spaces where personal calls and meetings can be held confidentially. 

Open-plan offices are good...
but not perfect!


“Lack of speech privacy, the most disturbing feature of my work environment.”


“Noise is the most important distraction in the workplace.”


“My productivity improves when the noise reduces.”

Calma booths

Ideal for open-plan offices
& common areas​

Calma creates a focused and relaxing environment as well as supporting collaboration and communication. It generates silence for the whole office. With sound isolation and fabric upholstered inner surface, the Calma family has been designed as a compact solution for:

An effective and healthy solution for open-plan offices, hotels or terminals

Calma S

1100 x 1000 x 2280

Calma Small  creates a functional space for private calls, video conferences and short time concentrated works. 

Calma M

1800 x 1200 x 2280

Calma Medium is an ideal space for concentrated work, videoconferences, reading, relaxing or just thinking.

Calma L

2400 x 1200 x 2280

Calma Large creates a relaxing, chilling out, spontaneous and 1-to-1 meeting, and touchdown teamwork space.

Our Solution

Eco-friendly & customisable materials & features

Calma was created by NURUS, an international awards winning company for its functional and innovative products that stand the test of time. NURUS Design Lab maintains the perfect balance between design and nature, transforming exciting ideas to products that add value to life.

They trust NURUS:

Deloitte, KPMG, Unilever, Microsoft, Volkswagen, Total, Shell, Lego, Nike, Puma, Adidas, Credit Suisse, Allianz, ING Bank, JP Morgan, Michelin, Goodyear, Istanbul Airport, and more.

Constant Air Quality

Thanks to Calma super-quiet fans on its ceiling and the ducts at the base, it constantly renews the air and ensures that the ambient temperature.

Freedom of Movement

You can easily move the Calma with its wheels and lock the wheels in the desired area to rearrange the space according to your needs.

Customise with Colours, Fabrics & Features

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Eco-friendly materials

The outer structure of the Calma is made out of a high density MDF panel that has extremely low formaldehyde emissions and CARB and NAF certification.

Ideal acoustics

Acoustics were calculated based on tests and measurements in Nurus accredited acoustic reverberation laboratory.

Nurus Reservation System & App

Reserve & Send Notifications

With the Nurus Links ® Reservation System and its smart software, you can reserve a Calma, a room, a working system or a desk for self-study, teamwork or meetings as well as you can send notifications to the participants where you will work and what time.

Communicate with support

You can also pass on request to different units of the company such as the kitchen for beverages or technical support for equipment.

Manage the system with our app

With Calma mobil application you can reserve a pod for meetings, self-study or teamwork. You can send a notice to attendees about meeting, and also follow the temperature, humidity and air flow of Calma on application.

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